Eric is the founder and CEO of Gen-Eric Bartending. A hard worker who takes extra care in making sure every client is satisfied with 5-star service, from a backyard house party to a celebrity private event, Eric is there to make sure it's the best.


The man behind the curtain, Casey, is the Chief of Operations for Gen-Eric Bartending. Making sure that everything runs smoothly from client to bartender. He's always coming up with new ways to make life easier for the customer and bartender.

Core Bartender

Katie is one of our top bartenders! She's been with Gen-Eric since the beginning and has always provided top-tier service. She's the backbone of the team and always has a smile while doing it. If you've got Katie on your event you know you'll have nothing to worry about.

Core Bartender

Ari is a rockstar and she is always willing to go above and beyond. She's quick and always on the move to get the job done while matching the energy of her surroundings.

Core Bartender

Jonny is the newest member of the Core Bartending team. He's always positive about a job and doesn't believe in the impossible task. If you have the party, Jonny has the spirit(s).

Beer, Wine, Liquors and Mixology Training, Southern California

C.R.B.S.A (California Responsible Beverage Serving for Alcohol)

T.I.P.S. (Training for Intervention Procedures)