Service Description

If you want a full-on bar-style setup, this is the option for you. Our extensive, bring-the-bar-to-you set-up of tools. For every cocktail made and garnished at the top level, we suggest you bring our full line of equipment to you. You don't need top-shelf alcohol to make cocktails amazing.

(Large Gear; like tables and coolers are found in our gear tab if needed for your event).

With our Bartender: Top Shelf service we provide everything included in our standard kit (see below), AND: Knife, Cutting Board, Fresh Citrus Squeezer, Garnish Tray and Tongs, Tiered Salt/Sugar Rimmer and Muddling Kit.

The Gen-Eric Bartending Standard Bartender's Kit includes:


Shaker, Tin, Hawthorne Strainer, Jigger, Bar Spoon, Pour Spouts, Ice Scoop, Bottle Opener, Wine Key, and Bar Towels. You always have the option at G-E Bartending to tip on behalf of your guests. Bartender price is determined based on guest count.

If your event is above 60 guests, we require a second bartender on the job to ensure our 5 Star Service guarantee remains.

Bartenders from Gen-Eric Bartending show up at MINIMUM 30 minutes prior to their call time to set up the bar, cut fresh garnishes, and organize their station. All bartenders are REQUIRED TO: Be well-groomed, dress in all black business-casual, and keep their equipment sanitized at all times.

The bartender(s) assigned to your event is not a first-come-first-serve system; after a personal consultation with the owner, the bartender(s) on our staff that best suits your event will be assigned to serve you.

Gen-Eric Bartender:
Top Shelf

Bring the full bar to you. Every tool for every cocktail included.