Service Description

Highly recommended for larger parties. Having wait staff on hand to serve food, carry around drinks, and help set up and clean up during your celebration makes it that much easier to enjoy. Held to the same 5 Star standards as our bartenders. All wait staff is required to have at minimum basic bar and liquor knowledge, and professional experience serving alcohol in event settings.

A hosted tip for servers is always mandatory (we do not expect guests to tip servers).

Servers from Gen-Eric Bartending show up at MINIMUM 30 minutes prior to their call time to set up the bar, cut fresh garnishes, and organize their station. All bartenders are REQUIRED TO: Be well-groomed, Dress in all black Business Casual (unless requested otherwise), and keep their equipment sanitized at all times. The bartender assigned to your event is not a first-come-first-serve system; after a consult, we determine the bartender on our staff that best suits your event, and connect you with them to make sure they fit the attitude you want at your event.

Server / Wait Staff
Let us be your maItre d'