Q: I have a shaker and tin, what do you guys bring that I wouldn't already have?

A: All Bartenders bring a full suitcase of equipment for making craft cocktails, opening beer, wine, and champagne. 

   Our standard bar kit includes but is not       limited to:

  1. shakers and tins,

  2. Hawthorne strainers,

  3. knives to cut fresh garnishes, cutting board,

  4. ice-scoop,

  5. bar spoon,

  6. muddler,

  7. pour spouts,

  8. salt rimmers,

  9. garnish trays,

  10. wine keys, bottle openers,

  11. bar towels, .

  12. chilling tub for ice


 Q: Do you sell alcohol for my event?

A: Typically not; you save money by providing it yourself! However, if you book our Plus or 2.0 package, we guide you on cocktails, brands, and quantities for an easy, within-your-budget experience. 


We will bring a full array of sodas, juices, fresh garnishes, ice, cups, napkins and straws if you'd like us to provide them!


If you're picking 4 specialty cocktails (instead of a standard full bar mixer package), for the same price we will supply special ingredients for those 4 unique drinks.

Fresh Mojito

Q: Do bartenders help set up and clean up the bar area?


All bartenders for your event will arrive at minimum 30 minutes prior to its start. This is necessarry to set-up the bar from cutting garnishes on-site, making the area aesthetically inviting, and setting up for smooth service. When your service ends, your bartender(s) will re-cap bottles or leave your space ready for guests to self-serve if your event extends past our service time.

Q:Why hire Gen-Eric as opposed to just going through a cheaper free-lancer or our caterer?

A: 1) Being insured is MANDATORY for most event spaces and venues; even if you're having a home event, peace of mind is worthwhile. Gen-Eric Bartending holds specific Liquor Liability and General insurance. This means we are the responsible / legal choice for pouring for your guests!


2) Bartending is our specialty; it encompasses more than making drinks. Demeanor, Knowledge, Improvisation, Entertainment Factor, and Safety are all factors we excel at. We've served everywhere from backyard parties to high-profile events and never received less than a 5-Star review!

Image by Julia Nastogadka

How far in advance do I have to hire you for my event?

As our name grows in popualarity, we've began to get booked out 2-4 weeks in advance.


That said, there is always the possibility that depending on your needs and what we need to provide we can service you on short notice. Feel free to inquire regardless.
We understand that bartenders sometimes quit and leave you stranded, so it is recommended even if it is last minute to inquire directly by texting or calling (818) 381 - 9764. It is possible based on the event location and number of guests to provide a bartender to you as soon as possible.

How do you create a specialty cocktail for my event? 

Give us an idea of what you're looking for: Liquor, Color, Flavors, etc... From there we will propose several cocktails that are not found on a standard menu until you find the one you'd like to serve.

If you'd like to use whatever ingredients are available for other drinks you are serving, we will find a way to use them for your unique cocktail. All custom recipes are approved by Gen-Eric Bartending's owner.

Sparkling Wine At A Special Event
Image by Ram HO 🇲🇽