Gen-Eric Bartender
Trained, Certified, Equipped with Our Standard Bartender's Kit.

Service Description

The Gen-Eric Bartending Standard Bartender's Kit includes: Shaker, Tin, Hawthorne Strainer, Jigger, Bar Spoon, Pour Spouts, Bottle Opener, Wine Key and Bar Towels.


You always have the option at G-E Bartending to tip on behalf of your guests, as opposed to having a tip jar present. Bartender price is determined based on guest count. For small events (up to 20 drinking guests), medium events (up to 40 drinking guests), and large events (up to 60 drinking guests), the price is prorated.

If your event is above 60 guests, we require a second bartender on the job to ensure our 5 Star Service guarantee remains.

Bartenders from Gen-Eric Bartending show up at MINIMUM 30 minutes prior to their call time to set up the bar, cut fresh garnishes, and organize their station. All bartenders are REQUIRED TO: Be well-groomed, dress in all black business-casual, and keep their equipment sanitized at all times.

The bartender(s) assigned to your event is not a first-come-first-serve system; after a personal consultation the bartender(s) on our staff that best suits your event will be assigned to serve you.