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Classic & SeasonaL

Fresh, delicious, virgin cocktails to keep any guest happy

Festive Soft Punch

Apple cider, Cranberry, Cinnamon & Spices, Club Soda

Garnished with Orange Peel

Virgin Winter Sangria

Pomegranate, Fresh Squeezed Orange, Grapefruit, Chai Tea, Spices

Garnished with Grapefruit & Cinnamon Stick


Virgin Mojito

Fresh Lime, Mint, Bubbles, Organic Agave or Orgeat

Garnished with Mint & Lime Wedge

Virgin Spicy Margarita 

Fresh Lime, Jalapeno, Simple Syrup, Tonic

Garnished with Lime Wedge & Jalapeño

(Optional: Add Pickle Juice to Virgin Margs for Extra Kick)

Faux Pina Colada

Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk, Orgeat

Garnished with Pineapple & Cherry

Cherry Lime Rickey

Fresh Lime, Tart Cherry Juice, Organic Agave, Bubbles

Garnished with Mint & Lime Wedge 

Shirley Temple

Grenadine, Fresh Lime, FeverTree Ginger Beer

Garnished with Lime

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